Costume Design for Endgame by Samuel Beckett

Where we left off…

Once upon a time I attended the University of Louisville and majored in the Theatre Arts. I was an actor, but after two semesters my portrayal of the  gentlemen caller Jim from The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams (a modern reference for non-theatre folk below)  was described as ‘a character villain at best’.

I must admit there might have been a Magneto of X-men sort of undercurrent to my scene work.

Waiting For Godot starring Magneto and Professor Xavier
Samuel Beckett’s Waiting For Godot starring Magneto and Professor Xavier

From there I switched to directing and did my work-study in the scene and costume shops. I spent many semesters building and painting sets,  a few subbing in at the costume shop and as prop master. (I also hung and struck a few lights). Not to toot my own horn, but I landed in the graduate level directing classes by what should have been my junior year and received a multitude of accolades from a pretty serious theatrical town.

One of the things we’ve (my wife and I) decided to do this year, now that the house remodel is under control is to shift my energies into doing more creative work I once found fulfilling before  I got suckered into a career in Information Technology.

I  build sets, costumes, and props. I direct actors- God I love that more than anything. I always dreamed of doing so in motion pictures, but at the moment ripping up stakes dropping into Los Angeles and starting over isn’t very pragmatic.

Since directing requires more people and resources than I can muster at the moment, I’ll spend a bit of time this year building a working shop of my own and maybe take on  a few commissions.

The reference that references Glass Menagerie in it as promised (skip to 35 seconds):

A gentleman caller, hurray!

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