Taking Stock… Part One(ish)

  1. I managed to improve my standing in a soul-sucking corporate job.
  2. I “celebrated” my 10 year anniversary with IBM.
  3. I received my first IMDB credit.
  4. I managed to get a parachute on my way out of soul-sucking corporate job. (Laid off).
  5. I moved my kid brother out of my house.
  6. I went into therapy and treated my PTSD.
  7. I fell more in love with my wife.
  8. I discovered the secret to pizza crust from scratch.
  9. I lost the secret to pizza crust from scratch.
  10. I found it again and wrote it down this time.
  11. I counseled my friend through her final break up with her high school sweetheart of five years.
  12. I learned how many frames of an image it takes to draw your attention in a montage.
  13. I learned how to accept Bettman fixing the Stanley Cup Finals so his boy toy Crosby could finally win something.
  14. I ‘discovered’ more talent, we made a movie together, it was the most entertaining piece of the student show.
  15. I lost my favorite gaffer to his inability to apologize sincerely.
  16. I made a really good friend and colleague in a guy named after the german word for tank.
  17. I got to see Bailee’s boobs online.
  18. I discovered my brand of Scotch.
  19. I made a movie about Superman, but Superman was a complete over-anxious nerd that wanted to get laid more than save the city.
  20. I got an internship with the Film Commission.
  21. I converted that internship into a job.
  22. I learned how supportive a fellow I really am.
  23. I learned not to care what other people MIGHT be thinking.
  24. I learned to pay more attention to what I think.
  25. I got my school to let us use the Green Screen Studio on the weekend.
  26. I discovered 4chan.
  27. I regretted that discovery.
  28. I learned how to twitter.
  29. I had Sushi with Ben in Boulder.
  30. I learned that you have to keep your eye on the donut, not the hole.
  31. I worked with my first composer.
  32. I found an editor that I love.
  33. I discovered my website making skills are so outdated I have to start over.
  34. I learned that if you keep the genders of your crew pretty evenly matched- the boys behave and are a lot less annoying.
  35. I reconnected with an old acquaintance who was also from Michigan, lived in Kentucky and ended up in film school in Colorado. We became awesome friends.
  36. I found a great colleague in D Dubs.
  37. I hypothesized that the path to success is through integrity, generosity, and hard work.
  38. I finished my first film, shot on film, with Panavision cameras. It was nominated for Best Picture, Best Editing, Best Acting, and Screenplay.
  39. I started blogging.
  40. I discovered you have to write to direct. You have to edit to direct. You have to produce to direct. You have to act to direct. You have to direct to direct.

I like apples…

I think one of my favorite memories of my father was when we went to go see Good Will Hunting. It was in Ponca City, Okalahoma at a duplex theatre. I remember it so well because as we walked to the car that cold wintery night he said, “That was probably the most significant films of your life”. You see to him, I was Will Hunting. Angry. Hurt. But brimming with potential. Over the years that moment came to mean a few other things.

Would I go on to write a movie that would win an Oscar like Ben and Matt?

Would I get to canoodle with Jennifer Garner? (Still LOVE her smile).

Some time later, but before I started to transition to my new career in film he dreamed about me being on stage accepting an award.

That day hasn’t happened, but we’re getting closer every step of the way.

On the advice of my friend Ben Whitehair, future Vinny Chase: http://playbillsvspayingbills.com/2009/12/22/taking-stock/

The theme of the year is: Rebirth.

It’s been two years of preparation for this moment, and as you all know- Birth is a bloody, sticky experience. We’ve all done it at least once. Some of the girls out there will have to do it again, except from a different angle. But here we go. Some evaluation and planning to come in the next few days here we go.

My own public notebook of thoughts, things and activities.