Captain America 2 opens 4-4-14

Marvel Goodness

Hulkbuster Armor
One of the most exciting concept drawings released for Avengers 2 ties right back to the stinger on Iron Man 3

I’ve made my way back through the Marvel Cinematic universe. On first impression Captain America: First Avenger was a disappointment. I’m not sure if I took Stanley Tucci’s on-screen death a little too hard, but initially it all fell apart the second the Hydra personal sub showed up. Turns out I simply didn’t like the montage (which was necessary to the story).

In any case. getting really excited about Winter Soldier. Having grown up during the Cold War it will be interesting to see how the adept team of storytellers Kevin Feige assembles adapt characters born in that period of world history to the modern post 9/11 world. It’s almost as if Putin were in on the marketing for the movie with his annexation of Crimea.  Are super hero movies relevant because they are possible through CGI or because they make sense of a world that is evolving so rapidly its more scary than we allow head space for?

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