Just Keep Swimming

As we inch forward…

Just Keep Swimming
What do we do we swim, swim, swim

It’s funny how you feel like you get nothing done today, even though you’re incredibly productive.

Yesterday I got nothing done.

  • I cleaned the kitchen and did all the dishes.
  • I vacuumed all the stairs.
  • I vacuumed the bedrooms.
  • Disassembled shelving in my wife’s office.
  • I vacuumed the shards of fluorescent tubing that shattered in the shop the other day.
  • More importantly, I (with a sprained knee) walked my dogs.
  • Shopped for a new air compressor.
  • Shopped for a used shop vac.
  • Did a lumber inventory.
  • Read a 100 page manual for building a Proto-Vacuform.
  • Shopped for aluminum sheet metal.
  • Bought the last Harry Potter book we need to complete the set.
  • Fixed my photo printer.
  • And worked a full day at the day job.

What I wanted to do was magically finish the workshop. Buy materials for the Proto-Vacuform and finish the Alien Queen.  What that all felt like I was doing was: surfed the web, walked around, and did things no adult gets credit for doing. In the end, the best thing I did was walking the pups.


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